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About the Artist

Beverley Rosenberg is a Toronto-based artist who creates original paintings and drawings that explore human emotions, internal landscapes, and relationship dynamics. 


Her works have childlike appearances, and are multi-layered and complex. While simple on the surface, they contain vibrant, sometimes intense emotional undertones, inspiring visceral experiences for the viewer. Taking a sketchbook wherever she goes, her work is a direct response to the environment and the information discovered there. Raw and uncontrived, she produces highly authentic expressions that grab viewers and introduce new perspectives. Her passion for understanding people, what makes them tick, and the everyday experiences of life, inform and inspire her work. 

Beverley’s chosen medium of expression is acrylics, inks and pastels, which she applies to canvas, paper and wood.  Beverley’s work has appeared in group exhibitions, such as the Yumart Gallery, Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, AWOL Gallery, Norman Felix Gallery, and the Embassy and Art Crawl, where her work has gained an enthusiastic following. From the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition in 2013, Beverley received the Telford Fenton Memorial Award. 


Beverley graduated from OCAD in 1999, and continues to evolve her style and approach. Stay tuned for her upcoming exhibit “Metamorphosis”, exploring inner and outer body awareness, growth, and change.

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Full Projects List



                                    Festival                                                                                     Toronto Outdoor Art Fair | Toronto | CANADA


                                    No Words Gallery                                                                  29 Ainslie St. N, Cambridge, N1R 3J3, Ontario         



                                    No Words Gallery                                                                  29 Ainslie St. N, Cambridge, N1R 3J3, Ontario         


                                    Festival                                                                                     Toronto Outdoor Art Fair | Toronto | CANADA


                                   Festival                                                                                    Toronto Outdoor Art Fair | Toronto | CANADA

                                   Festival                                                                                    Kensington Art Fair | Toronto | CANADA


                                   Group Show "Radical Joking Expressionism"                      Segni e Suoni Communication Agency | Recanati | ITALY 

                                   Group Show "6th Annual Holiday Salon"                             ​Yumart Gallery | Toronto | CANADA

                                   Group Show "Precious Snowflakes"                                      Yellow House Gallery | Toronto | CANADA

                                   Festival                                                                                      Kensington Market Art Fair | Toronto | CANADA

                                   Solo Show "Stages"                                                                Yumart Gallery | Toronto | CANADA

                                   Festival                                                                                     Toronto Outdoor Art Fair | Toronto | CANADA

                                   Group Show "2nd International Women's Day Show"        One Art Space | New York | USA

                                   Group Show "Hot Rods & Hogs"                                          Super Wonder Gallery | Toronto | CANADA

                                   Group Show "Outside In"                                                      One Art Space | New York | USA

                                   Group Show "Red Impulse Exhibition"                                 Propeller Gallery | Toronto | CANADA

                                   Group Show "The New Normal"                                           Beaux Arts Brampton | Toronto | CANADA

​                                  Group Show                                                                              Art Square Gallery | Toronto | CANADA


                                        Group Show                                                                         Andrew Edlin Gallery | New York | USA

                                        Group Show                                                                         John B. Aird Gallery- Mistletoe Magic | Toronto | CANADA

                                        Group Show                                                                         Redhead Gallery -Nuit Blanche | Toronto | CANADA

                                        Festival                                                                                  Queen Street Art Crawl | Toronto | CANADA

                                        Festival                                                                                  TD Mosaic Live Painting Competition | Toronto | CANADA

                                        Group Show                                                                         John B. Aird Juried Exhibition | Toronto | CANADA

                                        Group Show                                                                         Toronto Outdoor Art Fair | Toronto | CANADA 

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